In the Stars

I looked up past the passing clouds and straight to the blinding stars Tonight, as I looked up at the night sky I saw myself in the constellations. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

It Was Never Yours

I did not realize I so freely gave them my power,  but when I did  I took every ounce of it back. Gabriela A Tejada  Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

False safety in our Ignorance

“I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me” Terrace & Maya Angelou   Human actions become foreign to us when we can’t categorize them can’t form the syllable sounds with our tongue and lips can’t describe the undeniable emotions we feel with speech.   as human beings, we forget of the…

Intimate Dance With My Lover

You always loved it when I touched you. The anticipation always kept you on edge, Always craving the next sensation. Tracing your back with my hand Encasing you in my scent Marking your skin for no one else to see But you and me. A mere reminder of our Beautiful escapades. You’d bathe in my…


blinded by the rays of sunshine penetrating her bedroom window. soaking the warmth, the uncanny comfort that the giant star of unimaginable heat blessed her with. she turns over, with it, the reality of her current actuality sinks in shaking off her resting demons from their comfortable. the softness of the white carpet underneath her freshly manicured…

A Supernova

An inner explosion only seen by her. Surrounded by the silence and darkness of the pain you left her with.   Surrounded by millions, held together by their own gravity. Their plasma making them unique, but in the end all the same. Bound together by helium and hydrogen, fused together by the generic views of the…


She found peace within the jungle of sorrow and concrete. A tiny spec of wholeness in a world surrounded by pain,  She found herself in the pond of eternity. In the dark shades of nature, she found light.  She found solace throughout the trees and independence within the winds and sounds of freedom. She Found Life. Gabriela…


…and the Sun. For those craving and yearning for the bright that is the hope that is  the light that is the never-ending positivity that comes from the indescribable brightness radiating from its’ rays of happiness and possibilities. Sun. Gabriela T ❤


As the Sun warmed her skin and the spring wind danced around her She smiled, The Sun shines just a tiny bit brighter Now. Gabriela T ❤