As the snow falls and the lights dim the stars hide behind the gray of the cloudy night sky. The moon rests upon a bed of water while the sun warms all of the south. because every year it snows and every year we get older every year we cry and every year gets a…

Silver and Gold

The silver sky is tranquil as it prepares to open up its soul and bless the many grounds and lands with natures food. Slowly, drip by drip drops of honeysuckle like rain fall out of its mouth and into the waiting arms of the patient trees and sleeping willows. Each drop filling in the faint…

Hues of Summer

Enjoying Summer  The Creation Of Flowers Of Natures Beauty.  Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Photos Taken by Me Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.  


… and then the Sun came up. The light broke through the  skies horizon,  through the clouds, penetrated the night, the demons put to rest.  Daylight.    For so long she ran from the light, ran afraid of the unquestionable positivity and vulnerability that came with the warmth of each ray. She was afraid of…


…and she closed here eyes. She leaned her head outside the window and lived. She smiled, as she savored the sound of your laugh Aware of your hand on her thigh She closed her eyes and savored the now This blissful moment with you. Alive. Gabriela T ❤