She got tired of Swimming with the current, So she stopped. She stopped, and started running against it. Gabriela A Tejada    Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise. 


delaware water gap   He said ” I Love You.” I whispered “How Much?” He said ” Look into the horizon, then keep looking.” Gabriela A Tejada       Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise. 


” I am the madness in storms,  in my madness I resurrect.”  Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. Image taken by Me!

Burning White

  blinded by the rays of sunshine penetrating her bedroom window soaking the warmth, the uncanny comfort that the giant star of unimaginable heat blessed her with she turns over, with it, the reality of her current actuality sinks in shaking off her resting demons from their comfortable the softness of the white carpet underneath her freshly…

Gateway to my minds soul

I really need to write more  writing has always been a getaway a gateway that I’ve been putting aside blaming stress and each day’s constant cycle. The feelings keep filling the already full overflowing cup of turmoil. Impatience running dry  yet moist with frustration. Patience is key when sprinting long-term running full throttle into my…


As the snow falls and the lights dim the stars hide behind the gray of the cloudy night sky. The moon rests upon a bed of water while the sun warms all of the south. because every year it snows and every year we get older every year we cry and every year gets a…

Silver and Gold

The silver sky is tranquil as it prepares to open up its soul and bless the many grounds and lands with natures food. Slowly, drip by drip drops of honeysuckle like rain fall out of its mouth and into the waiting arms of the patient trees and sleeping willows. Each drop filling in the faint…

The Being

Little situations alter it all, the moods the feeling  the thoughts the being.  from sunrise to moonlight, dimming rays and lessening shades of two-tone emotional extortion on the off railed tracks of the one-way train with the two-way cart to the unknown route. destination? seeping blue sea filled with silence. filled to the brim till…


She was dropped in the middle of the ocean without knowing how to swim, regretting all of those years she depended on other forms of safety to maneuver the waves of life. As she slowly sank to the bottom she quickly learned, thus, becoming her own savior. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © 2018 All Rights…


   The silhouette of the winters tree against the midnight sky is nothing more than a representation of the string of my poetic words against the chilling soul of the human mind. Gabriela A Tejada         Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.