Anatomical Heart

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As you get older you learn to differentiate between passion and lust.

So many confuse love for obsession,

not realizing that the feeling should surpass the flesh and touch the Soul.

Many falling,

free falling into toxic,

into unnecessary pain caused by naiveness

caused by lack of self awareness.

Many giving what they don’t have to give,

giving a heart they don’t own,

giving a self they don’t care enough to love first.

Ultimately, loving them more than they love themselves.

Love isn’t determined by anything tangible,

but rather everything spiritual.

Love becomes a spiritual bond between two souls

on the same wavelength,


and wholeness.

As you get older your sense change,

you start seeing souls instead of Fleeting looks,

Hearing spoken words instead of meaningless ‘texts’

Feeling wholesome touches of the soul, rather than superficial

touches of the outside body.

 Gabriela A Tejada ❤

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.



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