“Whats your favorite flower?”

The Sunflower.

My own personal sun in a world or torment and pain

Every petal a ray of life and light.

It brings me hope and joy in the middle of winter.

A sort of warmth that signifies moving forward,

A sort of comfort only really expireanced through this flower.

Portable sunshine on a cloudy day.

Everything I hope I am to a lover one day,

his Sunshine, his Sun, his Helianthus.

Gabriela T ❤

“Everything Happens for a Reason”


We tell ourselves “Everything happens for a reason.”,

but do we really believe it?

Is it just a coping mechanism we use

in order to stay sane during pain and disbelief,

or Is Destiny?

Is it just humans need for comfort in the form of words

Like a mantra, over and over again

repeating these words until they believe it,

until we believe it.

Or a way to understand meaningful coincidences and synchronicities

in a world full of them.

Is it the worlds way of balancing the souls?

A way of balancing the negative and positives

of everyone and everything that enters and exits our life.

The ability of self growth through unimaginable

and sometimes traumatic experiences.

What do you think…

Gabriela T ❤

The Ocean


Hurt People Hurt Others.

Mending People Stop To Try To Understand.

Whole People Smile At The World And Appreciate

The Rotations Of The Everyday Motions.

Some People Look At The Life Of A Wave As A It

Crashes Against The Sandy Shores Of Coarse Reality As Disappointing.

“Realistic” They’d Say.

“Beautiful.”  She’d Say.

The Unpredictability And Spontaneity Of Not Knowing Where

The Wave Starts And Which Shore It Ends At

Parallel To Our Own Lives And The Beauty Of Just Never Knowing.

That’s What Makes Life Beautiful.

Gabriela T ❤



…and she found peace within the jungle of sorrow and concrete.

a tiny spec of wholeness in a world surrounded by pain. 

She found herself in the pond of eternity,

in the dark shades of nature,

she found light. 

She found solace throughout the trees

and independence within the winds and sounds of freedom.

She Found Life.

Gabriela T ❤


The Start of a New Book (Class of 2017)

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-14 at 10.26.20 PM

Washington Square Park (Taken by Me)

…and she’s ready to close the chapter titled “Past”

fingers on the pages of the next Chapter

Chapter in the book titled  “Future” .

On the eve of her Graduation she looks around

Bittersweet she thought

Proud she felt

Ready she was.

Let the light shine bright.

-Gabriela ❤